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Golden Tee LIVE Tournaments
Rules & Regulations
Rules & Regulations
1) Your REAL NAME must be used when playing tournaments in order to
be eligible to claim prizes

2) Only 1 prize will be awarded per person per tournament. Anyone
receiving 2 prizes per tournament will forfeit all prize for that tournament
and will not be eligible for future prizes in other tournaments. A tournament
with a bonus is considered 2 separate tournaments, therefore a player
may claim twice in the same tournament name; 1 for the actual
tournament and 1 for the bonus.

3) Players must be able to send a copy of a valid Government Issued
Identification in order to claim a prize in our tournament. Without valid
government issues photo ID your claim for is invalid.

4) A legible prize claim form must be filled out completely and received
along with your copy of a Government Issued ID within 30 days of the
tournament ending for a prize to be issued.
Prizes are no longer valid to
the player after 30 days of the tournament end date.

5) All prizes will be mailed or E-transfered to the recipient within 21 days of
receiving the player’s claim form.  (Players may choose their form of
payment on their online claim form)
Players claiming for the first time will
receive their first claim by cheque at the mailing address they provide on
their claim form.  After the first initial claim form they may choose the E-
Transfer Option.

6) If you require a claim form please contact us via e-mail at
albertagamescontests@gmail.com and we will send you a form to be
completed or you can now claim via our website or phone app (including
new players).

7) Completed forms for claims can be emailed to

Or mailed to:
Box 2, Site 4, RR#2
Okotoks, Alberta
T1S 1A2

Players may now claim online.
 If your information has changed AT ALL
you MUST submit as a new player.  This includes email address, persona
ID or mailing address.

8) ALL players submitting claims will be required to answer a skill testing

9) Alberta Games reserves the right to ask a player to show his/her ability
to play in the tournament at any given time should the need arise.
If a player choses not to allow this, their claim form will be invalid and their
name removed from the leaderboard.